[solved] Windows 7: Directdrawcreateex Failed (Renoise won't start

Laptop: Lenovo R60 / Mobile Core 2 Duo T5500 / 1,5 GB RAM / Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family

Renoise fails to start and displays an error: “DirectDrawCreateEx failed (DDERR_GENERIC)!”

I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate RC1 and updated drivers from Intel website.

Can anybody reproduce this… eeer… bug?

Seems like a DirectX error for a missing DirectX library or routine…
Have you DirectX properly installed?

I’ve checked DX. It’s installed properly and working (DX11). Looks like a Windows 7 problem, because Renoise runs without problems under Windows XP on the same machine…

Looks like a driver problem. Guess you also won’t be able to run any other directx based apps on your computer. Try if there are alternative drivers, especially GFX drivers available for you machine.
Renoise basically works on Windows 7 (I’m typing this on a Windows 7 RC1 right now). So far you are the first one with such a problem.

Nothing helps… Yes - It’s obviously a gfx driver problem. I’ll stick to Windows XP and Ubuntu and wait for working Windows7 drivers for my laptop.

Time to make some music… :guitar: :yeah:

I’ve managed to install Vista 64 driver ( in Vista compatibility mode.
It’s exactly this one: link to intel website!

Renoise works like a charm.