[Solved] Windows: Soundcard Recording Issues

This is on my PC system with B8. 4core fast everything etc.

At first I thought it just might be my Delta 1010 being crummy - really bad glitching (like buffer based error) on the sample recorder produced on the input signal (output sounds are fine). I tried altering the card buffer size to no avail - the problem is consistent. So then I thought I might try my other card, EMU Tracker Pre USB, only to find it has glitching problems too! However, the glitching in the EMU is intermittent on both the in and out. I can fix it by reinitializing the card, but that obviously gets annoying after a while doing it once a minute.

This is a fresh install of Windows XP sp2. I might put on sp3 just to see if that fixes the problem…

Anyone else finding this? Especially on the sample recording? I tested another app (Reaper) and there are NO problems there. It’s got me stumped.

Is this with ASIO or Direct Sound. Does this make a difference? Could you please also test this with an older stable Renoise release?

Tests so far have been with ASIO, so I will test direct sound for you to make sure. I’ll have to go dig up an old Renoise to do the other test, say 2.1. I still haven’t got SP3 on yet though, and even worse it now seems my PC isn’t loading Windows at all. What fun!

Ok I think you label this one as [nobug] - I installed SP3 and all the problems are fixed. Both cards, going in and out, have no glitch problems. Might be an issue for people who are still on XP sp2. Thanks for your help taktik.