[solved] Wrong Notes Sounded With Absynth?

Hi… I have a strange problem. I have Absynth on one track playing an arpreggio. It plays fine when its on solo, yet the minute I turn the other tracks on, it sounds as though some of the notes are being played at the wrong pitch (like an octave below). I’ve looked through my other tracks for accidental notes using this instrument but I can’t find any.

Has anyone else experienced something like this… or any smart ideas on how to deal with it?


Hm, maybe you have some overlapping frequencies which lead ot this strange effect (filtering or eq’ing could help) or the Absynth instrument is using some kind of phasing which changes the pitch of the note slightly and you only recognize it when playing at the some note with some other instrument?


Is your instrument track routed to a send track with keep source option? (if you use a sendtracks, what effects do you use on it)
Or do you have an automation device somewhere that links to your absynth instrument slot?
Blaugrau’s comment can also be one cause:the frequency of some of your notes blend into other instruments frequencies playing on other tracks.

Best thing to do to shut out other instruments is by playing two tracks at the same time including absynth and figure out which track is resonating yes/no.

If this is Absynth 4, maybe try to strip the song down to an example pattern and upload it somewhere. I own Absynth too and could take a look at it.

Thanks guys. Yeah its Absynth 4. I wondered if it was my ears playing tricks on me - like you say it could be ‘additive interference’ that I’m hearing. I guess if I keep enable the other tracks one by one I could find out what the cause is. Vv, I’m not doing anything smart of tricky (I’m still a beginner). If I can’t get it sussed, I’ll upload a pattern for you to play with - no problem there. However… even if I do that, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the same thing happening as you’d need my other VSTi’s as well.

:unsure: Guys, I’m a dumb ass - after looking at this problem for AGES the other night, I’ve just found additional Absynth notes on another track. I don’t know how I couldn’t see them the other night. Must have been looking too hard…