[solved] Xils 3le VST Wont Show Up In Renoise 2.5 Beta 2

i just bought xils 3le from audiomidi

but it wont show up in renoise 2,5 beta2??

has any1 getting this to work in renoise?have i missed something?

Please try the same things as usual, and give us some more information in order to help you:

Does it show up earlier Renoise versions? -> 2.1
Does it work in other hosts?
Is it installed in the correct path where Renoise can “see” it?
Have you already tried rescanning for plugins in Renoises Preferences Dialog?
Please try also enabling the “Rescan previously failed plugins” option there.
Do you get some kind of Error when scanning it?

In non of this helps, could you then please attach your whole Renoise log file to this thread. -> Renoise -> Help -> Show Log File… Zip the file and attach it…

got it working but i had to re-install both renoise 2,5 beta 2 and the plug-in so dont know what happened