[Solved] Xrni Question

Hey guys, hope all is well.

I have been building some instrument kits today. One of the useful feature of the instrument editor is that the orange cursor highlights the sample your playing, plus this sample shows up in the sample editor as soon as you play it.

For some reason it has stopped performing both of these functions.

I am wondering, I must have done something by accident to disable this no? I can’t seem to re-activate it.

Thx for your help guys!

Thanks alot for your swift response bro!! I really appreciate it!

It turns out that I am a dunce as usual…the autoselect played splits button was turned off by yours truly.

I actually realised it right before I read your response!

You are certainly entitled to your confusion as I did not phrase my question correctly! I meant the orange cursor in the instrument window…not the instument editor!

In any event that problem is solved as well…oh silly me! I never even knew what autoselect played splits meant until now!!!

Thx again bro :)

Is there any way to move through the samples within an Instrument without using the mouse if they haven’t yet been assigned to notes on the keyboard? I couldn’t find it the other day but was probably being blind. As you’ve been making Instruments hopefully you’ll know…

Thats a gr8 question actually! I am unaware if there is one! I actually just tried to do it now, plus I have the building xrni tutorial
stored on my desktop; so I looked through it as well to no avail!

Maybe new tweak for Renoise??

Or are we both mistaken?

I dunno, I meant to post it in this section the other day but got side-tracked and forgot. Would be something worth adding to the assignable keys if it isn’t already (I couldn’t find it with a quick search.)

Add Samples Navigation to this section.

yeah +1

wouldn’t be 2 diff 4 developers no?

not a coding wiz, however, it should be a simple tweak I am hoping

currently there is not shortcut for this; I have requested it in the past but taktik replied that for technical reasons (mainly the sample box code being old and bad) this is currently not as easy as one may think to implement

Fair enough, not the most regularly required shortcuts but hopefully we’ll see them at some point in the future.

You can really tell a lot of work has been done on the base code between 2.1 and 2.5! Massive respect to Taktik for taking on that arduous task rather than just filling with more (albeit wonderful) features.