Some Basic Drum Samples To Mess Around With?

could you guys recommend me some good drum sample packs with basic sounds, not this overproduced shit like loopmasters or whatever? I just want to get some good sounds for layering/resampling/etc and forget about downloading dozens of new samples every day, just my DAW and me
I need kicks, snares, hi-hats, percs, some old vinyl breakbeats would be fine too. I’m going to write stuff like idm, dubstep, softer subgenres of d’n’b, downtempo, trip-hop… guess you’ve got the point (:
I don’t care if these sample packs free or not btw.

here’s 300 classic breakbeats, a lot of them are really good/usefull!

try changing them into mono in the sample editor if the stereo panning bugs you. not sure if all them are stereo/panned but good to know.

@pleasuretrail: thanks for that!
@lw_pss: the Renoise Backstage should have the Beatslaughter samplepack, which contains loads of drumsamples, and sounds really good (not natural-sounding, but good anyway)

these are already processed as hell. I want some ordinary sounds to fuck around with them by myself.
@pleasuretrail: cool! thanks (:

check this one out

not free, but in very good quality. there are some free test packs available. all the classic, to expensive too pay good old classic synths and drum maschines.

or this one
you have to make a donation (there are much free, too) an you can download a very big collection of drumsamples.

:blink: n/m already listed…

kb6 ftw

Chris Randall has a free, nicely sampled TR-909 kit here:

Here is a list of really nice free drum samples as well:

great, I have loads of drum machine samlples, thanks!
well, what about real drums and percs?