Some beats

Those are some badass beats! All done in renoise? Any chance to have a look at the .xrns file? :)

Very nice mate, well done ! I especially like Javabalitomdamp !

hej vastique thanks for listening, my production pc is not linked to the internet and I checked th xrns file, it’s 109 mb (do al my sampling and resampling and editing in renoise) + I use a bunch of vst for delay’s that are not from renoise.

so i don’t no if it will be helpfull to upload the file.
can share the samples if you like ;)

Some really good beats, please share.

I really liked those. Especially the way the sound collage went together, nothing was clashing or being too heavy. Good work!

Damn, hard to find any proper hip-hop .xrns files floating around. Would love to see how other people make their beets :rolleyes:

ncludes a lot of home made samples.

sharing is caring

(would like to hear a jungle remix;))

Oh snap - thanks aloads, man! :)

Love it!