Some Dubstep

it’s been like a year since i have been touching this track from time to time and it just got worse… althought the drums aren’t satisfactory for my ears but i got too much alterations to begin with, what do you think?

the tune is here.

aside from basic renoise fx some little and free vsts were used too, like the free kjaerhus classic series, BiFilter2 or Arguru’s stardust. (i can only recommend them)

ejnoy and please comment

It is quite good, however i think i prefer the scorn-esq beginnings to where the track goes… when the extra rhythmic sounds first come in they seem to clutter and distract from the basic original beat which is more interesting. However, once the full bassline drops it all gels quite nicely.

I could see it working with the percussion remaining quite minimal, but playing with slightly odd timings (e.g. like the beat in burial’s “broken home”). This could also give more space to explore the atmospheres.

Another idea could be to stick with the general approach you already have but break up the extra percussion so it cuts out at points, or try using some convolution on it to fade it into the background at points; anything which breaks up the rolling-looped-ness of it a little more.

The bass is nicely designed, however the repetition of the lines is abit too much like one bar looped over and over then on to a different one.

Generally pretty good though, just my 2p

I quite like this actually, I think it sounds very meaty indeed… and I think the drums are fine!

I’m curious as to what synth you used for the bass line? It sounds awesome!

hehe thanks for all.

i used 3 bass samples as far as i can recall, one was a simple sine, one was some aggressive drone i made in jeskola buzz in like 10 years and one was a short bass hit ripped from some module, probably form bay tremore.

of course the samples got FUBARized:) [f****ed up beyond all recognition]