Some Enhancements Concerning Track Scopes

  1. The ability to see track scopes when rendering a song. I sometimes have rendered a whole song with one track muted and waited for like 20 minutes for the track to render wondering at the same moment that did I leave one track muted and then been forced to render the whole song again. So I propose that when you start recording, you could change the view to see track scopes, mixer view, spectrum analyzer or what ever still the recording dialog on top.

  2. Left CTRL + left mouse click on a track scope selects the track and you could select more than one track at once. After that Left CTRL + right mouse click would mute/unmute all the selected tracks. This would enhance live plaing capabilities.

  3. Drag & dropping tracks in track scope view to rearrange them like you can drag & drop tracks from the pattern view. This ain’t that big of an add but would be handy when you have many tracks in your song (you can see them all from track scopes at once).

Respect for the scene,

  • Jussi

great ideas i have to say! regarding my personal workflow, i’d love to see no.3 implemented. the other two points sound reasonable as well, as i can imagine you’re not the only one looking for such functionality.

ad #1, you can do it already, if you render song from menu instead from disk browser