Some hardware problems?


I just installed Renoise in my computer and overall it works well except the computer crashes now and then and only restarting the computer helps after it. It only happens when I’m listening to a song and play around with various effects AT THE SAME TIME. I mean if I listen to a song normally i.e. only use ‘play’ and ‘stop’ and ‘discop’ to load another song then it’s all good.
To give you some more information I just put together a new computer, it’s new to me I mean and it’s like following: Pentium III 700MHz, 128MB SDRAM, 4GB HDD and an old Genius soundcard 32X/128. The thing is that my motherboard only supports up to pc-100 SDRAM but my Kingston is pc-133 and the computer only ‘sees’ 64MB of it.
The question is - does the impropriate memory cause the crashing problems or is that Genius soundcard too ‘weak’? I’m sure I should change my soundcard in anyway but would a SB 128 be noticeably better than that Genius?
I’m also going to try some other type and size of memory quite soon but I’d like to know if Renoise will work well with 64MB or do I need 128MB or 256MB instead?
Thanks in advance.

most things you stated yourself. But when it comes to realtime audio I bet a cpu can´t be too fast…so look @ the cpu meter to see how much ressources are already in use to avoid crashes…
Deaktivate any startup program using the msconfig utility.
Follow the standard windows optimization hints.

Now I know that memory is not a problem because I got myself a doublesided 128MB SDRAM pc-133 and it works great, computer sees now all of it. The usage of a cpu power is not a problem also because the meter shows usually about 7-8% while listening to a song and less than 1% at idle.
At the moment I assume that the problem is actually in impropriate sound card drivers because I don’t have 100% correct drivers and I had some problems also while installing them. I try to get my hands on a SB 128 and correct drivers for it in a couple of days and I’ll write about the results in here.

the more RAM the better the overall systems performance. But avois more than 512 when running Windows 98. You are able too use 133 SD RAM in mainboards which support only 100, but the speed won´t be gained.

As I have experienced during last couple of days only older doublesided pc-133 DIMMs witch have more small onboard chips (16) will work on a mobo that supports up to pc-100 memory. DIMMs with 4 chips will not work 100% well or as in my case only 64MB of total 128MB was usable.

Strange but now everything works ok and computer doesn’t crash anymore while playing around with effects. Only thing I did was changing my videocard, now I have a Riva TNT2 AGP 32MB card and correct drivers for it. Memory size is still 64MB.
I must say I simply love Renoise! Now I have for the first time in my life a chance to make sounds I have never dreamed of making myself. I’m really :):slight_smile: :).