Some Ideas

db. scale in sample editor. midi assignable buttons(keep and m. source) in send device, q knob in equalisers.

I agree. Something like this perhaps:

Yup. Agree with this.

In case you didn’t notice the Q setting itself:

If you already knew about it and you’re asking for it to be possible to MIDI map this, then yep, I can agree with this also. :)


  • 1 for db scale in the sample editor.


also, a vertical scrollbar when zoomed in vertically… pleeease…

And make the Q and the-other-parameter-that-I-dont-know-what-it’s-called-but-defines-what-frequency-is-being-manipulated automatable! shivers

Brought up that request again recently myself when wanting to do a sweeping comb filter.

PS. It’s usually just called Frequency as it is the centre (Resonant) frequency the band is operating on.

Oh and +1 to other suggestions. Would also be nice to have a dB scale on the main meters, rather than only on the small meters in the Mixer view.