Some Improvements On The New 2.8 Features

Hi there,

some things that immediately came to my mind when trying out the 2.8 beta:

  1. The external editor is great. Why not use it for EQ and other stuff that needs finetuning as well?

  2. The grouping is also nice, but it has a bug: When dragging another track into a group, you can a) drag it onto the group lane, in which case the whole group turns yellow, or B) you can drag it just next to another child track. In the latter case ( B) the added track will not be routed to the group track!

  3. The new colouring is also very nice. However, it might be nice to have the option to have the children of a group to be coloured in the same way (or in the same colour with a different gradiant or so).

  4. In the mixer we have the option to hide/show individual children as well as the whole group. How about an option to hide everything but the group parent? Like this one can easily mix the sum busses, without showing the children in it.

  5. I cannot seem to add a send to a group. This would be very helpful in order to have a send reverb that is exclusive for the drum group and thus gets routed into this and not into the master mix.

  6. Last but not least a weird idea: How about having tracks locked to a certain instrument. And then have a note column in the group master as well. Like this, one could have a group called Kick, with Kick1 and Kick2 as children. Adding the note C-4 to the note column in the group channel Kick, will automatically add a C-401 to Kick1 and a C-402 to Kick2. What do you think?

I think something like suggestion 6 would be very interesting and useful for soundsculpting. Dubbing is so important and often used (a macro/autoclone tool as an alternative wouldn’t let you hear what is happening realtime).

+1 for 6! :drummer:

No problem here, I added a Send on a 4th grouped master, then checked the spectrum to see both the original and what the effect was doing on the Send.

Could you give more details ?

  1. I’d prefer instruments had it’s own little complete pattern with busses etc and you could use other instruments, I guess you could call it a instrument clip or advanced wavetable

Why not report this as a separate bug in the dedicated subforum?
Same goes for 2.8 suggestions btw.

Oh sorry, I was not clear here. I cannot add the Send track (S1) as a child into the group! Adding a send device of course works.

Oh sorry, didn’t see there was a dedicated 2.8 suggestion forum, so I put it in the normal one.
Could you move it?

Alerady has been reported. Twice in fact :)

Fixed for the next update.

in fact, all of these, the bugs as well as the feature requests, have been mentioned already. for that reason it might be a good idea to first read through all the stuff which was already posted, before making your own new post. it gets messy this way. not to say these aren’t good ideas, it is just better to keep things focused.

Well, sorry, I just thought I should write it down somewhere, even if I did not have the time to read through the whole forum first. But I will happily keep any suggestions or bugs to myself in the future, and only share them if/when I find time to investigate if someone has mentioned it before. Sorry again, I only wanted to help.

Don’t worry, all help is appreciated. While it’s a good habit to check beforehand, it’s better to have something reported twice than not at all.

no, i’m sorry. i read my post again (because of your response), and it sounded way more harsh than i had intended. i just wanted to point this out, not scold you for not doing it. maybe i should’ve added a smiley somewhere to show my good intentions. here it is: :)

No need to be sorry, it is all good :slight_smile: