Some It-features In Rns?

Hello here,

First of all, I would like to say im happy that I eventually migrated to Renoise. Afters years of not tracking and not using windows, seeking decent trackers for Linux, i decided i had to take out my feelings towards M$ and started back tracking.

Allright, here are my questions: Does Renoise support any of the following features that Impulse Tracker has:

-Double and half length selections (in IT alt-G, F)
“Doubling” is that when you have for example 4 beats in 16 rows, it becomes 8 beats, and “halfing” is when there will be 4 beats instead of 8)

-Undo selection (alt-u in IT)
This speaks for itself. You just undo the selection you made.

-Swapping (alt-y in IT)
Swap a selection with where your cursor is at another place in the patterneditor

Well, these are some things I miss, or I have overseen, though I looked. Forgive me if such was asked before or I didnt looked good enough… You may clobber my ass if so B)

Thanks in advance

Highlight the selection you want to half / double in the pattern editor. Make sure selection is chosen in advanced edit (as shown above). Then press either the expand or shrink buttons.

Shortcut= Ctrl + z (also available through right-click menu)

In renoise you have to:

  • highlight the section
  • Cut your selection ( Ctrl + x )
  • Paste your selection (Ctrl + v )

Instead of the shortcuts given you can also use the right-click menus.

Edit: Oh and welcome aboard! :)

I think he meanted the flip button in the advanced menu.

No he meant swap as in swap…And that is not something you can currently do in Renoise…

Ive been longing for that ALT-Y to. As well as the ALT-J (inc/dec-rease volume of selection according to percenvalue (120%, 50%)), pretty much the same as multiply/divide in advanced edit but easier to enter exact value and doesnt effect panning as current do by default.

Yes I get caught out by the default panning sometimes aswell, time to make my way over to Ideas and Suggestions me thinks…

I wish I could have answered earlier, but I wasnt in a position to answer.

I didnt mean “undo action”, but “undo selection”. I think there nothing to do but to select a single row in a track with alt-arrow. I find it annoying to always see the selected part all the way, without you do anything with it.

Thanks for the replies people :)

To quote either use the quote button on the persons post that you want to quote. Or use

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The two quote symbols should be the other way round for this to work i.e. the / put in the second QUOTE to get:

[QUOT]The text you want to quote goes here [/QUOTE] this example should work with the removed E added

Not quite sure what you mean here but you can left click with your mouse anywhere on the pattern to get a reduced selection i.e. less intrusive?

edit: LOL, I dont know what happened here with the quoting but as long as you dont do a back to front demo of how to quote in your posts, the second example should work. (also had to remove an E from on of the quotes to stop this post looking even worse…)

Yep, that’s indeed what I meant. And thanks for the quoting-lesson :). It was helpful.

One last thing that I asked myself, and probably will be answered with “no”, is this:
Can one browse through patterns without there is an entry for it in the pattern sequencer. Like in impulse tracker, where you can browse through all your patterns without them having entered in the orderlist. My tracking style due to pattern is chaotic, and from the chaos I create a song, but AFAIK in RNS you can only use ctrl-left/right arrow from the position in your sequencer.

I hope this makes sense…


Normally, I have a couple of spare pattern orders at the end of the song which I use to browse through unused patterns.

This is the only way you can do what you said