some late wishes for 1.21

  1. some plugs I have dont have a wet/dry slider, they just put the wet output out. is it possible to have a pair of sliders for every plugin that defines the troughput of the plugins-output and the track-output before the plugin ? (like renoise-internal wet-dry sliders, initially set to 0% dry and 100% wet ofcourse)

  2. please please please make this LFO-effect for modulating Midi-CC, VSTi and VST-effect settings.

  3. also please make it possible to save an effectchain of a track, I am often using the same effectchain as a basis, but the defaultsong.rns thing is not really an option here.

  4. if there is a plugin-dll missing, would it be possible that renoise does not simply remove the plugin, but place a disabledslotholder instead ?
    the thing I want : I get a track which uses a limiter, but I dont have that limiter plugin. However, with that placeholder I can just see what settings the not-avaiable limiter had and can try to rebuild it with another limiter plugin.

also, if I want to work on the song and get the plugin later, if I save it now the plugin-settings will be lost, which is bad.

  1. it was brought up before : when I edit a pattern, please display at the top and the end of the pattern the end/start of the next pattern (maybe in dim colours), so I can just see what happens in the next pattern/the pattern before.

  2. windowsclipboard :D

about 1:
at the moment you can use track sending + gainer to achieve this result

another time this is a workaround, I know: I’m just giving a suggestion how to operate while our fast-and-furious ReNoise developers’ brains produce the reqeusted stuff :yeah:

I know, but as soon as you have 2 plugs of that kind in a row it gets stressy. a configurable send-matrix would be the dream actually … :)

actually, i was talking about that 1 sometime ago in another topic… would be nice to have a slider instead just “on/off”…

This would be especially nice if the LFO-effect could modulate itself as well :yeah:

lil off topic, yeah looza!!! i like matrix setups, just got 4 effects chains set up perfect on my mackie (all can feed into themselvs/each o ther):

nice for making samples … but if i could do this in renoise??? holy crap :drummer: