Some Little Boring Requests...

Hi everybody !

A little thing i would like to see would be the possibility to “Collapse whole tree” in Instrument vsti extended box & vst extended box by default, or saved as you left it the last time, even if you load a new song… (most important are the effect VST-DSP as the VSTi keep the whole tree collapsed as long as you don’t change the song)

My VST are sort in folder by type (sometime with sub folder for pack etc…) & i need to collapse whole tree everytime to choose an effect otherwise it’s a little chaotic ^^

Another little thing is the color of the sample. I really like as it was before (1.28 ^^) when you have independant colors for sample edit area as for the automation now. It’s an important zone & i like to have my waveforme in black on white background (seems more clear).

Thanx for losing your time on reading my insignificants requests ^^