Some live Techno

I was listening to some Robert Hood mixes and felt inspired to do something in the classic style of Minimal Techno, the simple hardware-made sound that uses only a couple synths, drums and effects and loops itself into your brain. I wanted to pretend I was using a small hardware setup, so I limited myself to only a few synths but allowed myself to sample my own sounds and put them back in (for instance, the rising/falling white noise clap in Storm Cloud).
These sounds are 100% native Buzz synths and effects, no VST or outside samples.

These were done live in Jeskola Buzz using the Jeskola Live control machine that mimics the popular Ableton Live control method on generator and effect patterns. Triggering, muting, sliding sliders, etc. I don’t have a grid controller so I used my mouse. It’s pretty hard with a mouse! I hit record on the WAV recorder and tried my best.

The first track, Storm Clouds, is a bit crowded and took 4 tries to get the version I wanted. The second track is the first track’s file where I deleted 80% of it, set the decay to short on everything and used a new synth to create percussion. The second track is truly the sound I was hoping to create when I started.


P.S. If you didn’t know, Buzz is still being worked on again since 2008. It’s almost to update 1500! Have a look at the original and still-best Modular Tracker.

This is just absolutely brilliant. This sort of sound was the exact reason I downloaded Buzz, as I read that James Holden uses it. I wanted to start making minimal techno but I’ve really been struggling with Buzz. I literally cannot believe that these tracks were made using just native effects and generators.