Some Melodic Goa/psytrance

Hi everyone,

it’s been a while since I showed up here.
This one placed 9th at the SDCompo round 30.

It’s the first song that I’ve completely created in Linux (Kubuntu Hardy) and it’s a big fun having Renoise running there, being routed through Jack, JAMin and all…

Here is the XRNS and the ogg. Both lack a good mastering since I’m having no time at all right now. But I’d like to see your opinions about it.

Thanks go to keith303 for his influences and to ptrance who has made a remastered version.

Also thanks in advance to anyone who’ll give a listen to this one.


edit: added remastered version by ptrance

Nice track dear Gilli, I’d also love to hear ptrance’s remastered version of it.

I sent you an email on how I felt about bedoone_man, be dastetoon resid? ;)

Sorry to bump up this old thread again. Here is the version kindly mastered by ptrance.

And thanks a lot Ashkan, sure I got your mail!