Some Minor Ideas


here´s some stuff I´m still missing:

  1. An envelope effect (in Ft2 it was Lxx) to set the start tick in the patterneditor for Volumeenvelopes and so on. Maybe could be useful also for automation envs.

  2. Still having a libary off veeerrryyy old sample stuff which I´m to lazy to convert :)
    Maybe you could implement *.smp *.voc and of course *.iff support ???

That´s all B)

oh come on, if you have any sampleeditor on your harddisk, it can surely batchconvert. :D

mhh… I´ve Cool2000 here but I didn´t found such a function.
What Editor do you suggest for converting the masses? Or maybe a lil prog for the Dos-prompt?

I´ll try the awave studio thingie … not Wavelab (I hate Steinberg :) )

Thank you