Some Minor Useability Bugs

Here are some minor issues that have been bugging me:

  • No feedback for the clipboard you are in when selecting or accessing it. Would be really convenient to have it.

  • Location of the crashbackups is really difficult to find quickly, especially when you just want to get on with it (at least in OS X, dunno about win32). Why not put them in the same folder as the track itself? Or somewhere in the userdir? I REALLY appreciate the feature though, it works great!!

  • Selecting a sample in the filebrowser with the keyboard (apple-alt left/right/up/down) is inconsistant. When navigating from folder to file it snaps to the file next to the folder instead of the top file. When navigating from right to left you go to the folder next to the file you’re browsing instead of the folder you came from. Also selecting a file with the mouse keeps the highlighting on the folder, while the keyboard selection removes that highlighting.

The clipboard selection is silently updated in the context menu… (rightclick in the pattern editor, go to clipboard and see the checkmark indicating the current selected clipboard)
Yes it would be nice to have some kind of “Office” clipboard dialog where is indicated which clipboard is focussed and which of them contains data.

The clipboard functions are designed for quick copy and paste actions in terms of “i need to copy various blocks of data and i need to do it now”.

Beware that they only work in the pattern editor. The sample editor and dsp chain only work with one clipboard.

Crashbackups are saved in the application’s related system folder.
The application is designed to save backups at a place where it has the access-rights to save your work with 100% certainty.
It would be worse if it would save to a folder that the application would not has access rights to save it to, if system policies wouldn’t allow this by default.
Better hard to find then no backups at all which is also possible if your hardware chokes upon an internal hardware glitch, however that particular kind of situation will be beyond Renoise it’s blame.

The highlight handling in the file menu seems like a bug indeed, i notice in Windows that the highlighted bar in the folder menu disappears when browsing through the files section using the keys, while when using the mouse, the selected folder remains highlighted as well.
And the highlight bar keeps it vertical level and can be annoying when you want to browse a list of folders and it’s contents.

Yeah or just a little update message at the bottom left of the screen, just like when entering an effect number in a pattern. A message like “pasted from clipboard 1”, so you know you pasted from the correct clipboard.