Some New Deephouse

I feel like spring again…! And got an urge to do some house, hope you guys dig this one :)

Some fine deep house there, moody, feels like the end of a party, and not in the bad way. :walkman:

Damn good, very soft and mellod sound overall. But I think the track could maybe have a little more dynamic, and have more organic drums. Still one of the best deep house tracks I’ve heard recently.

superb track!

Nice track, smooth like more like lounge. Relaxing :)

Heartwarming feedback, thanks! Was the first time I took some samples from my brand new Rhodes piano, too :)

Awesomely deep and organic, good work.
and yeah, yummy Rhodes :dribble:

Like it! :)

Didn’t know you’re on Spotify. Will listen the crap out of your songs there. ;)