Some Newbie Problems

Hello there!

Well, I finally entered the world of PC sequencing, after running a tracker on my Amiga for… well from the time Amiga was still high-brow state of the art. If my questions are rather stupid, forgive me I’m really new to all this…

I got me a soundcard (an Emagic EMI 2-6), a midi device (a Steinberg Midex3) and a laptop (compaq p3 - 1ghz, 256 mb).
First of all I have two problems that I think have little to do with Renoise: when (in audio config) I set the Device Type to ASIO, my midi drumcomputer connected to the Midex doesn’t run smooth anymore. When I turn it to Directsound it all runs smooth. Any suggestions on what I do wrong here?

The other (non-renoise related) problem I have is that my soundcard makes a truly weird noise, it almost sounds like the pink noise on my old analog synthesizers… Again, I have no idea what causes this…

And then, finally, my Renoise related question: how do I set vst instruments like for instance Pro-53 to an individual output? All vst instruments now only play over outputs 1 & 2 (which I can pan, I figured that much out) but I’d rather have them spread my vsti’s over all 6 channels on my mixer. How can I assign the indv. outs? I tried to search the forum but I couldn’t find any suggestions, and the help-file is a bit cryptic to me.

Thank you for your time!

I don’t have any answer to your first questions, but to change outputs do like this: First make sure you don’t have the “Limit to stereo” checkbox checked in the Renoise config. Then you should have a number on the top of each channel you can click and change output. I.e. you can’t change output for specific instruments, just for individual tracks.

Thank you for your help, it works. Unfortunatly it only works with ASIO and with my current problems that won’t do me much good… I guess I need to find a solution for my other problems first :) Thanks again tho!!

The MIDI timing issue is a known problem with Renoise and ASIO:
When using big buffersizes with ASIO, the timing can get worse. But on the other side - with very small buffersizes - its much better than with Directsound.

Have you tried to use different buffersizes ?
Do you already use the minimum buffersize that is possible on your system ?