Some Noise...

Here is a song I just completed. It is more experimental than others I have done… but is by no means all that radical.

Give it a listen, and tell me what you think of it :)


Thy link does not a result bring, no. Yoda working link wants.

balls… fixed it…

try again

Nice to see more people roughly as new to Renoise as myself. Nice tunes I like them.

(Nice picture btw, Messiaen is the man :D)


Did you use a vst to glitch the beat or did you do it by hand? Im still having trouble learning how to use effect columns properly…

The beat was pretty glitchy to begin with I created it with a bunch of plinky percussion samples I had, and used the effects column, mostly with 01xx and 09xx commands. About halfway through I sent that track to another with this vst:

You can get some pretty nasty sounds from that one :)

Messiaen IS the man… and that is like the best picture ever.

:walkman: Nice Job! This is a cool experience