Some Of My Tunes

I was making myself a homepage the other day, and figured I’d post some of the tunes i’ve made with Renoise. This is the first time I’ve ever posted any of my songs, so please be gentle :)

my tunes


now this, I like.
Only suggestions would be to mess around with differnt types of effects and filters over the top of your synths to give the sounds a bit of variation. The sounds themselves are very nice, and I really dig the beat and tune variations, looking forward to hearing these finished.
Although, I didnt really think the vocal samples were necessary at the end of “Særemne”, the song seemed pretty complete in itself, lots of stuff going on already…

Cool stuff, very chilled out, demo style sensibilities, melodic… I like the stuff with less beats (Mobyesc, Særemne) more than the stuff with. In the other tracks, I feel the drum & breaks need a more work. Their beat seems “glued” in there instead of “worked” in there, my vocabulary lacking as usual. Hovud has a good bassline going on. I like the vocal samples.