Some Plugs Crash When Changing Vst Programs With Midi Keyboard


Firstly my specs
Renoise 2.6.1 under Windows 7 x64
Audio interface: M-Audio Fast Track Pro - drivers 6.0.7
mixing at 48khz, 24bit @ 2.7ms
midi controller: Roland Edirol PCR-800
CPU: Q6600, 6GB ram, Radeon 5870 etc;

When I change VST Instrument programs using my MIDI controller using the program change knob (heh heh) quite a few of my VSTs will crash Renoise if I change them too quickly. If I manually change them in the via VST Instrument Properties it all goes fine.

I just did another test using Synth 1 (Version 1.12) and changing programs quickly will crash Renoise every time. Another VST is Superwave P8

I’m wondering if there’s a way to set a delay from the MIDi controller to slow down program changes?

Is your program change knob a twist knob?
I made an attempt to crash Renoise here on my Win 64 bit, but i can’t manage to do so with my Midi controller.
I haven’t tried the pattern editor though (program changes through the effect column using a high song speed)
Slowing down in Renoise is not possible, don’t know if there are 3rd party tools can do that.
You can turn off the program change message interpretation in the Renoise Midi preferences but i doubt that is the goal.

Yeah it’s a twisty. I crashed a VST today by just changing it one step, unless the knob (it has ridges, not smooth) tried to change it twice quickly. Some VSTS, like Asynth (tiny lil analog synth I use) is perfectly fine.

When plugins crash when programs are changed via the MIDI keyboard, then they also will crash when you are automating program changes via pattern commands or automation - in any host. Those are clearly bugs in the plugins and thus also should be fixed in the plugins. Best thing would be to report this to the authors of the plugs, so they can fix this.

I’ll see if we somehow can workaround this, so that only automated program changes do crash. MIDI program changes from the master keyboard are quite handy, so it would be a pity if we can’t use them.