Some Praise For Renoise

I tossed a little defense of Renoise and the community back at a snarky comment earlier, and I thought you guys might enjoy reading it, despite my horrible tendency to create run-on sentences.

Care to link back to the source of the comment, so we have a bit more context?

(Thanks for your kind words, btw :))

It was just on Facebook, in response to someone saying offhand that the three hours I ended up spending playing with feature suggestions for Renoise last night could have been spent making music in Ableton. His comment was mostly in jest, but I take too much pride in Renoise to just be like, “lol yeah”.

But he was right, wasn’t he? You could’ve spent that time to make music (in any DAW, also renoise :)! The point is of course, that with Renoise you have the choice to participate in a very direct manner in the development of your DAW, to my knowledge much more compared to other DAWs. Seeing how direct the communication between users and developers works here is amazing and very motivating (for the users, and I hope for the developers too).

And Ableton/Logic/FL/* users probably waste those 3 hours with other activities on the Internet. Once you get into that discussion you are off into a different topic anyways: “You could have made music in the time you spent for *”.