Some Pre-purchase Questions

i tried searching a bit but couldn’t quite find what i was looking for. i’ve been playing around a bit with renoise and am beginning to really likeit. i’m leaning towards purchasing but i have a few questions first:

  1. is renoise fully backwards-compatible? let’s say i’ve made a ton of songs with version 1.9 and one day 2.0 comes out, will newer versions always be able to load a song made with an older version without some complicated conversion process?

  2. what if i get carried away on a friend’s registered version of renoise and decide i like what i’ve tracked so far so i save it, then email it to myself to finish off later when i get home on my own registered copy. will the song still load in my registered copy at home even though it was made in someone else’s registered copy on a different computer?

  3. i’m a little unclear about the “RBS is pretty much wasted money” thing in the FAQ. does this mean having them backup your password is rather pointless since the renoise site can get your password for you anyway? (i always get a little paranoid about losing passwords)

sorry if they’re not the typical questions about using renoise. i know the thing’s already rock solid, i just wanted to ask things that i usually don’t think of until it’s too late ;)

  1. Yes you can load songs made in an older version
  2. Yes you can load songs made on another computer
  3. Save the password in an email to yourself and you will have it forever

Just remember you can’t open a song in an older Renoise version than the one it is saved in.

As for the RBS question, I think Bantai was pretty clear in this thread

(actually, in the original thread, the "FOR GODSAKE … " part is in a much larger font)

you mean… new can open old, but old cannot open new?

and thanks for the quick answers everyone! :D