Some questions about using an MIDI keyboard with Renoise.

So I’m about to purchase a linsence and had a few questions about using renoise with an MIDI keyboard.

I have an MPK 249 professional and was wondering if anyone here had experience using this or anything similar with renoise. I’ve seen videos of people using this keyboard’s drumpads with renoise to spectacular effect…also I would assume assigning the piano roll to the keys is just a given.

My actual question is concerning the sliders and knobs…would I be able to assign them to a function that is not actively displayed in renoise’s interface?

Example: from what I have seen (and mind you I have yet to mess around with renoise) different filters for seperate tracks cannot be displayed at the same time, so if I were to assign a slider to some distortion filter on a track with a synth then assign another slider to the Wet output on another track with horns or something…would my sliders work without the two filters being actively ‘up’ in the display?

I have yet to mess around with renoise

Then why not ease your curiosity and simply try the demo version first?

In general, almost everything in Renoise can be MIDI mapped, no matter if it’s visible on screen or not. Mapping effect parameters (distortion, filter, whatever) will absolutely not be a problem, and the mappings will be saved with the song ready to go next time you load it.

Any other more exotic/custom MIDI mappings that are not natively available may be implemented using our Lua scripting API, which opens up a huge world of possibilities like the awesome Duplex tool.

At the end of the day, only you can decide if Renoise is suitable for your workflow, so simply spend some time with the demo version before you make any decisions.

Been playing with it since posting, bought a lisence, basically dove in head first. I’ve been researching DAWs for quite some time and Renoise won on so many levels.

It reminds me of my old MTV music generator that I used ot play with on my PlayStation1 years ago…(good lord…like 17 years ago!)…except on crack!

Great to know about the mapping and thanks for answering my new-to-this question!