Some Questions

Hello, I’ve got some questions :

-Is it possible to route tracks to a “group” track, like in cubase ? It’s very useful for applying one effect to different tracks, or to set the volume of different tracks in one time. If not, Is there a workaround ?

-When editing an automation, how to erase the control dots i wrote ? How to reset the envelope ?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, send tracks, to the right of the tracks, it’s to the right of the master track.

Just choose “Insert send device” on the tracks you want to be routed to the send track, now you can add one effect to all the tracks on the send track.

Double click the dots in the automation to make them go away.

Thanks a lot.

The truth is it’s “quite” possible. I wouldn’t call it proper routing to send a certain amount of the signal to a send track but the result is close enough.

Ok, now I’ve got other questions :
-How to make more than one send tracks ? I don’t know where the “destination” of the send device is indicated, or where is the input selection or something on the send track.
Now I have one send track which mixes all the tracks together which have a send device.

-How to writes notes which are not on the keyboard ? I want to put a note below the keyboard note range, when I change the “selected spit basenote”, it changes all the notes i wrote already, so i don’t know how to do this.


To add a new send track, choose your current send track and then click the “add track” button. A new send track will pop up.

To change the octaves, simply choose a different octave to the left of the screen.

Oh, and one more thing; it really helps to read the manual :)

Yep, sorry. For the send track thing that was not really the point but I’ll find out by myself.

No, it’s okay, go ahead and ask questions, my PC went dead a few days ago, answering questions like this kinda keeps the renoise spirit alive.