Some Questions

Hey people.
I’ve used renoise for a little while now.
most of the things work out fine.
But I have a few questions I can never find awnsers for.
First of, I make breakcore/IDM alike music.
The drum programming is going fine, so is the automating of effects like stretches and stuff.
What isn’t going fine is automating the cut off filters over synths and basslines.
In theory my idea should work, but it doesn’t.
I make a synth in a track, just write out a melodie.
But I wan’t to get a slight acid/wobble like sound in some of the melodies.
I just can’t get it to work.
I put a cutoff filter over my synth and automate it by right clicking and moving it per few notes to get the effect, but it sounds like it just gets gapes in it, short seconds of sound stopping, that’s not what I want to achieve, any tips?

Also I have another question.
If i write down a melody… and I stop writing down the notes, it just continues playing, how do I stop it for playing? any specific command I’m missing? I checked the manual multiple times and I can’t find it.
I use renoise 1.9.0 at this moment, I’m going to upgrade to the newest version next thursday when I get my paycheck.
Thanks in advance.

…linking it to an LFO, set the LFO speed to something that works, sync it at the start of the pattern, and then draw automation envelopes for offset and amplitude, with cubic interpolation (if you want to automate the LFO speed, I generally recommend “points”, but sometimes linear or cubic interpolation can work, too)

obviously that isn’t even scratching the surface… you can link LFOs to offset and amplitude of the first LFO… no, you should… that gives you 4 values to automate (unless you wanna go for another layer of LFOs haha)… if you feel really adventurous you can link another LFO to the speed of the first LFO… and you can use TEH HYDRA…

I’m with Johann, LFOs are good for achieving the woobling effect. Also check out the Jong Belegen demosong, it has some powerful wobbling action!
If you’re trying to do this with a VST instrument, you can add the “Automation” device in order to access the internal parameters of the VST too.

Also, you’ll need to use capslock (OFF) where you want the note to stop…When you play in live it does this automatically, but when writing in the melodies, you have to do it manually…
As for making an acid wobble bass, its better using the automation device (when using a VST) and like johann said, assigning the LFO to the cutoff parameter (you may need to assign cutoff to a parameter from the drop down lists next to the sliders).
The gaps sound wierd, maybe your automating the cutoff too low? or the speakers your using dont register the remaining frequencies you dont chop off when using the filter?
Hope this helps

I think the ‘gaping’ sound comes from Renoises hex resolution (256 limit / no smooth interpolation between steps) when right click automating.

Yeh well my speakers are fine, I have a set of studio monitors with a digital EQ (hardware) between them and my soundcard.
I think I might indeed put the cutoff so low the sound is totally gone.
But thanks for the tips, I’ll definitly have something to do tonight.
Ah and thanks for the capslock tip, I’ll also have a look in to those demo songs.

And… Welcome to the forums offcourse ;)