Some Renoise commercial projects

I know this sort of thing comes around for discussion once every so often, but I’ve never jumped-in and added. So, just as a ‘did you know’ about Renoise and where it has ended up, I’d like to throw some new info into the pot.

Renoise was used for the production of the Grand Theft Auto series of videogames :slight_smile: I was in-house sound designer on those games for years, and would write pieces of music for them whenever the opportunity came along.

Probably the biggest contribution was to GTA Liberty City Stories on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2, where I wrote three entire ‘pop’ songs which appeared on the in-game radio stations and were released in the game’s soundtrack which I think was later released on iTunes.

In Grand Theft Auto IV for XBox360 and PlayStation 3 I wrote the music for the ‘in-game video game’ called ‘Qub3d’. Also, the mobile phone ringtones in GTA IV (there were many, around 60-70 I think) were composed in Renoise, and then the data converted for playback in game.

Many small pieces of background music for almost all the GTA games after Liberty City Stories were written in Renoise, things like you would hear coming from a another building etc.

And as a little offshoot, I wrote the music for the web game ‘Mr Wong’s Laundromat’ which was released in Rockstar Social Club (I think this was after GTA Chinatown Wars came out)

Nice piece of background information! Thanks! Glad to hear Renoise is making it among the other big boys!

I forgot too, the most recent AAA game I used Renoise on was Madden NFL 17 for EA Sports at the end of 2016. When you start a game there is an intro that plays while the game loads, it plays like a stage with loads of lights, shows you player profiles etc before the camera flies through the tunnel into the stadium - the music that plays for this 30 second section I wrote in Renoise. I also used the instrument builder in Renoise to help create some SFX for Madden NFL 17 too - it helped immeasurably by allowing modulation through envelopes, randomisation of sounds and velocity…

I have been using Renoise since v1 and it still blows me away. I will probably use Renoise on every project I work on :slight_smile: