Some Renoise... Techno Bluegrass

So I was asked to create an original soundtrack to an upcoming independent xbox live game and they asked me if i could do ‘country techno.’ So I took it a step further to invent (at least i don’t THINK it’s been done before lol) the genre of Technograss. I’ve got a few examples up on soundcloud. I wouldn’t mind some feedback. Keep in mind they can get mildly repetitive since the music will be layered beneath a video game. I’ll be releasing the entire soundtrack as a cd soon as well, and possibly with some extras and outtakes or something. Here are just a few of the tunes which were all created using several versions of Renoise over the past year:

Proton Joe Comes Alive (main theme)

A Fire in the Sky

Another Hero Down (main theme reprise)

Congrats on the game score! Now onto the musics;

lulz :) , cotton eye joe vibe with an edge. Not something I’d put in my playlist, but I can see this work in the right kind of game. Have you already played levels featuring your music?

well the game wont be available on Xbox until i believe sometime in august, but there are some videos floating around of a few parts and it really seems to work.the game is about some hick defending earth against aliens invading us for our sherbet fields. lmao. but it looks better than it sounds. not sure what you’d call that sort of game… i’m only a recent enjoyer of video games myself. And I agree, i wouldn’t put it in my regular playlist, but i thought for what they are, they came out reasonably. Well, the guys I wrote them for thought so and that’s what counts first and foremost. lol. oh, and ALL the levels will feature my stuff. I did around 13 pieces in total including transitions and menu screen loops, and the death loop, and a victory loop, etc.

i really liked the first track it had a special kind of energy to it. but found it a bit dull that you used the samen instrument on the other two tracks. do you know how the game is going to be named ?

It’s called Sherbet Thieves. They wanted it with the same programmed Banjos to hold the theme throughout the game. Though I WAS able to weasel in one tune that was guitar based with very little banjo. I could toss that one up if anybody is interested in it. I found out the game is being released to Xbox september 1st so I’ll have to wait a bit to put out the cd.

I’d also like to mention, that if anybody would be interested, I’m thinking of possibly including a few remixes on the CD when I release it, so if anybody is even mildly interested, feel free to let me know. There are several other songs that I haven’t posted that I could send to interested parties for remix consideration. Just sayin’ :)

well put it up i’m curious enough to hear the guitar track :)

Intergalactic Showdown at the Hoedown

here we go. Guitar based Technograss. There is also a demo version with slightly different guitar tones, but this is the Game Mix.

at 48 seconds it starts picking up momentum. nice song too!