Some Renoise Tracks

Hi all,

I’d like some clever input on some tracks I made using Renoise. You can hear them on my very own, private, Rupert infused MySpecs

You can jump straight in — or read some nonsense I make up as I’m writing.

THE NOTHING is the latest track I’ve finished, and it’s, basically, a Dev Paradox rip-off. If you want, I’ve got a high quality, slightly updated version here.

ERROR : the version on MySpace is in its alpha stage. I’ve worked a lot on it recently, but it’s not yet finished.

TRAMENATOR is the first Renoise track I made that sounded quite the way I wanted. It’s a very simple track technically speaking, but I always liked the outcome. Ah, however I need to redo that mastering, it’s quite muddy me thinks.

THE FOG : I haven’t decided yet if this is a finished track; I haven’t decided yet, neither, if it’s boring
or not. I like things simple, but is this too simple? I need some fresh ears…

BOB? used to be a finished track, but it’s not anymore. It’s been heavily modified since, and basically I f****ed things up. It’ll take some times to get things right again… The version on MySpace sucks a lot more tho…

J’AI FAIT UN RÊVE : same shit, unfinished, shitty mastering and all that. This one needs a lot to be removed, and a lot to be added…

Anyway, I’d really appreciate some input on this. I’ve got my nose stuck on my tracks and it’s kinda hard to be objective after 10 hours of working on a tune… not to mention the natural bias we all have toward our own work. I really need some people to listen to the stuff for the first time and tell me what they think. ^_^

Thanks for your time! :drummer:

dude - your stuff rocks - tramenator is f****ing ace!! are you a fan of technical itch btw?

critically i cant give any advice other than a couple of mixes - error and the nothing seem a little disjointed and muddy - but nothing that cant be fixed -

man i cant say anything bad about tramenator, i love the combo of hard jungle/dnb and screaming - srsly it’ss one of the best tunes i’ve heard in ages - renoise or not… get it mastered and sell me the vinyl!

the fog - again i like it a lot - very photek - hidden camera’s to my ears - progression be damned

bob - i cant listen too because my girlfriend is moaning at me to turn the music down!

i’ll be sure to check back tho - excellent stuff

and you’ve got a clutch song in yr lost fm playlist - double +1

Thanks for your listening & input, nsound. What would you suggest to clarify the sound on The Nothing? It’s one of the tracks I’ve polished the most to obtain what I want, but I’ve done the mastering mostly with headphones due to a recent move… maybe you were able to listen to it on a proper setup? I got studios monitors but… now I have The Fear when turning the volume up, so I almost always choose the headphones option.

btw, don’t you think that Tramenator is even more bloated and muddy? :huh: I was still using the Ozone vst to master (now I just use PSP Vintage Warmer), and I have the feeling that I drowned it with stereo enhancement… The Nothing’s master is better methinks…

Indeed! :walkman: And even more since I’ve seen him spin live in my town. Before that day I thought that mixing with CD’s was some kind of joke (“real dj’s use vinyl, blah blah blah, visual element, moan moan moan”), but he really used the media in a most creative way. It was a bliss! :w00t:

I especially love my rock fat and greasy, yes… downtuned guitars + blues + fat vocals ftw :yeah:

Hmmm do I suck that hard? :D Come on speak up, being ignored is worst than being criticized…

no criticism from me , just a big f****ing thumbs up.
keep up the good work
loving the dark dnb :walkman:

I also like your music very much! (However, a few tracks appear to me a little bit monotonous, since sometimes one pattern is repeated very often w/o noticeable variations…)