Some serious crashes , audio gui related

Been messing a lot with the tal plugins lately , but having some sever crashes .

First with noizemaker .

How to reproduce …

-initialize patch

-lfo 2 at full speed and full modulation —osc2 pitch

lfo 1 at full speed full modulation —> modulate lfo 2 speed

Tweaking lfo 1 will result in an audio engine crash …sometimes followed with a 'renoise gui error ) .

Sometimes , this will result in a complete hangup of renoise , not releasing the audio driver , not even whe killing the process from taskmanger .

Same thing happens with tal sampler when doing extreme modulations …

Can smeone test this with tal noise maker ( see above steps ) and

Here’s the log file

can you upload the preset?

This patch crashes noizemaker , sometimes with gui crash warning

Quickly testing NoiseMaker on Windows 10…

I easily managed to completely break Noisemaker’s audio output by fiddling with the LFOs as you described.

It seems like whenever one LFO is connected to the other LFO’s modulation rate, it becomes highly sensitive to any additional LFO rate changes, and may catastrophically fail at any moment.

Happens both when fiddling with the GUI manually, or when rapidly changing the parameters using a Renoise LFO or some other modulation device.

I experienced various problems ranging from simple stuff like the audio going silent but the controls still working, all the way up to more extreme instances where the plugin just puked out 0dB hard clipped garbage that scared the shit out of me, hahah.

Sometimes the plugin audio failed but it didn’t really crash the GUI, while other times it crashed hard and Renoise became unresponsive. FYI: Enabling plugin sandboxing did seem to help contain the crash without bringing Renoise down with it.

I also quickly tested stuff in Ableton Live 9 and managed to cause the plugin audio to die there, but it didn’t totally crash on me yet.

Either way, we could try to see if it’s possible to handle the crash more gracefully somehow, but the core issue here is definitely a problem within NoiseMaker itself. There’s a really nasty bug lurking somewhere in its modulation system, I guess…

Thanks dblue , the issue is that sometimes an audio related crash bring ups the renoise ’ fatal gui error ’ , to the point that renoise becomes unresponsive .

In the worst case renoise shuts down , leaving the audio driver in memory (integra 7 asio driver ) , which can’t be terminated from within task manager .

This patch crashes noizemaker , sometimes with gui crash warning

applethings… can’t test those.

applethings… can’t test those.

Notice the file extension: *.noisemakerpreset

It’s TAL’s own custom file format for the synth, so it works on any platform supported by the plugin itself.



ontopic: yes, instant crash. In 2.8.2 and 3.1.1

No crash here on linux, but the patch gives no sound and I can’t see why. Don’t know if I’m blind or it’s a variation of a bug.

No crash here on linux, but the patch gives no sound and I can’t see why. Don’t know if I’m blind or it’s a variation of a bug.

the no sound is because of the crash :slight_smile:

I reported a crashing problem with Tal Sampler in last October to Togu Audio Line where extreme modulation amounts crashed Renoise. They released a bugfix shortly after and the problem was gone. Problem was with PC version, MAC version didn’t crash.

If you still have similar problems with latest versions of TAL plugins, you should report to Togu Audio Line and they will fix the bugs.

Patrick told me it’s about NAN’s( not a number ) some hosts can cope with it , others don’t

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