Some Songs from a deeper world

Hey guys,

decided to share these on here.
I’m a Berlin-based musician, with this being my “other project” (otherwise, I make techno and DJ at places under my username).

The first is pure IDM I guess, the second is breaks/IDM/shoegaze (?).

Please do post constructive or deconstructive criticism, I’d love to hear what other actual Renoise heads think.

Valance Breaks (IDM)

NEET (IDM/shoegaze, I guess)

I’m especially wondering if the newer one, NEET, is somehow worse than Valance Breaks, since it’s gotten such weak response by comparision…

Thanks for checking it out,

Not necessarily worse, but perhaps missing some subtle colorization to make certain parts sound more variable. (repetitive sections)
Then there are a lot of abrupt sections and breaks (no smooth transitions, samples that start or terminate abruptly and i don’t mean the retriggering).
I suspect taking these things for a closer look and refinishing touch would do the trick.