Some staff changes

Some of you may ask why there was no renoise newsletter for quite a time now, or why some emails were unanswered or ‘lost’.

There has been some internal changes amongst the renoise staff, so we couldn’t answer to everyone, for renoise’s development was the priority number one.

Anyways, here’s a sum-up of who’s who now:

  • The main dev staff is composed of Taktik (the main man), Martinal, Pulsar, and Blackis (our mac programer).

  • Jylam is our new member, he’ll help us coding and developing renoise.

  • Celsius is our webmaster. He’s the one behind the new renoise website.

  • Evention is hosting our board (and we thank him for that) :)

  • It-Alien has become a honorary renoise-team member and therefor is your new moderator for this forum

  • Netpoet joined recently to us to keep the manual up to date. Furthermore he’s promoting renoise on german demo-parties.

  • Finally, I, ks, will be your new contact if you have any problems with the payment system, registration, etc…

As you see there are more and more people behind renoise now, and we sincerely hope that the determination of us all will help us making renoise a better software every day.

(added netpoet to the list, pulsar)

well… I think there should be some sort of ceremony for this… :)

[microphone reverbered voice]
errr… what to say… I’m… I’m… confused… just want to thank… you… you all…
oh… my…
[/microphone reverbered voice]

now you should clap your hands :rolleyes:

/me claps his hands. Once.

/me claps with one hand in a forest.

chinese philosophy.

Why don’t I see Phazze in here anywhere?

Phazze is currently busy with other projects, so you will see him here but not that often as you used to see him …

hmmmm this sounds like med, my fonky friend :slight_smile:


nice to see you all :)