Some Stomping Demo Music

Something I did over the weekend for a Fairlight demo. I’ll post the actual demo URL once it’s complete. They wanted “Oldschool with Energy” … this is what I came up with.…acingtheend.mp3


i like it!!

really fits into a demo

square lead reminds me of oldschool but could be more freaky or louder for my taste

1:55 sounds like rasmus in the shadows or so which i don’t like that much


The first draft I produced had a very loud lead for that middle bit. And I decided to soften it a little.

My ‘gut’ can hear tuning problems with that instrument too. +1 = too high … -1 = too low. I figured it was too subtle for anyone to notice. But I think on a subconscious level I mixed it more down that it should have, because of a subtle tuning problem. I rendered it into a sample so I could really get that demo portamento sound and vibrato, which is really hard to acheive with a VSTi.

The Fairlight demo where this tune lives in is:
Won the demo compo at the Deadline Harakiri party. :)

Liked the demo, music fits nicely with the visuals. :)

Liked the demo, did not read the credits :) Wow, another scener :) I love this track.

sorry mate , not my cup 'o thea musically, tho I must big up the demo scene & fairlight. rzpkt