Some Stuff I Made

hey everyone im new to renoise so just getting my head around everything but i wanted to post what i have made so far to see if people think its ok or a load of shit lol i will post the url but some of it got cut off :s and yeah its the Amen lol the most popular beat ever haha sorry and cheers all My Song

Heres a link to website song aint fully mastered yet My Webpage

i need to do a lot more work to it its really choppy in bits and towards the end i dont have a clue what i am doing just triggering offsets randomly lol

quiet funny, straight short. i like it :)

though … base got a crackle in my ears.

cheers mate i have a hell of a lot of work to do on it just wanted to show you what style it is i just put breakbeat on it cause it uses the amen lol which is sliced i want to get loads of samples but im having trouble finding decent ones i’ve been to the sample thread but im looking for some old blues and funky drummer samples but cant find them any where :(

oh yea i know what you mean … try … got almost all my loops from there.

check out htis site: