Some Thoughts About Quantization

Again when you record live…
I’m a little frustrated when I use the quantize function: I work too much! I mean… I would like to keep my human feeling (I know I can quantize and use the “humanize” function but…).

What do you think about something like a 0.5, 0.2, 0.1… amout of quantization ?

Definitely! :D

Good Idea!


Solyon gets it.

Or maybe something more musical/traditional:

I thinks this solution will be better, but it should be harder to implement.

It is nice for those who understand the basics of music but even for me these kind of symbols in other applications which use these, have proven more confusing than helping specially because in the hurry you might misinterpret the type of symbol easily. Also you really limit yourself on the symbol if you desire rates of 0.012 or something similar which has no real symbol for that.


As you said it is a basic of music theory… This king of knowledge is - I think - easier to understand than some others in renoise… :) I’m not really sure how the quantize fonction can be better. But I’m sure it could/should be.
Don’t know why but I liked the quantization on my old MC505 and I don’t like it very much in reaper…
Today, on renoise I always put “Q=1” and sometimes after “humanize” But sometimes it desn’t fit well. Especialy If I work on a jazz/ternary beat

that swing slider… is pretty handy.


btw, except for ‘beat’ and a, a#, etc. are there any musical terms/symbols used in renoise? i can’t think of any atm.

imo, that’s good… for example, take tuplets. pretty confusing to understand from standard notation and it gets pretty ugly when it’s incorporate into the gui but in renoise there’s no need for that. just change the lpb to 7 and fill in the notes and you’ve got yourself a septulet over the duration of a beat. if you don’t understand how to generate a certain tuplet then you prolly shouldn’t use it either. the underlying “resolution think” is much more obvious and intuitive methinkay. y confuzzle ppl rly??? (=

Quantization amount would be very nice, +1

This will be very usefull indeed. +1