Some tricks for slow CPU users..

actually, VST effects should consume CPU only when they receive input data. Are you sure you really get CPU benefits from disabling them?

good god - you are so right!
didnt know they were suspended when no audio is transmitted.
okay, so this knowledge saves me quite some time, thanks for clarifying ITalien.

i always thought only VSTi were suspended, but renoise always knows to surprise you anyday :walkman:

Yes good to hear, I was just wondering about that :)

Thanks for the input on HT. :walkman:

Should older machines use earlier versions of Renoise for best results?

For example, I have a PowerBook G4 I like to fiddle with to practice pattern programming (without a MIDI keyboard).

My main machine is also older but faster a PowerMac G5.

Both vintage Macs handle Renoise 2.0 quite well but obviously the PowerBook G4 gets maxxed out quickly and can barely play some of the included demo songs.

Should I try an earlier version on my PowerBook G4? Or should I just create less complex files in 2.0?

I also have a tip:

get a faster computer.


Not everyone is rich.

No, but a decent powered PC that can run Renoise pretty well nowadays can even be found in the budget-pc range.

Rich people have Mac ;)

I don’t have enough experience with older computers and newer versions of Renoise because the only old computer I own is so old that it cannot run Renoise 1.8 and above because of lack of SSE instructions support on the CPU, but I can say that generally the newer versions are slightly faster than the older ones when making the same operations.

also, since you use a slow computer, maybe you are not using VST plugins, so you should consider trying Linux.

Yep, you either be rich or clever, if you are neither -> only then i could call that poor.

when a loop/sound is ok, just save it and use it as a fresh sample, so the computer doesnt have to process the whole things (several vsts, mutliple tracks, instrument variations, etc) over and over…

i dont think renoise is faster on linux than on windows (but you’ll not use many vsts indeed :)))…but indeed you can install new version of linux and make it run correctly on a old pc…

im sad…im reaching the liimts of my computer with renoise…it stutters directly when i start putting fx and tweaking things in the instrument editor. only thing i can do is to mute tracks when working on others…i hoped i’d find some ideas here, but no…it makes me wanna a new pc!!