Some Tunes.

Ok, since no one wants to feedback on my tunes in here im posting a little bunch at once to save me the humiliation of no feedback in every thread.

Click here for a little list of tunes.

:yeah: very cool stuff cyberwax! :D


quite a lot to check out there, and unfortunately it’s not quite fast enough to stream some of them here, so i’ll have to download and check them out gradually.

2by5 has a really nice sound. is that you singing?

2by5 is quite a sloppy song tho, its a live recording, and no its not me, its a friend of mine. :P


Listened to 3 songs now. This is inspired, well crafted, professional work, as a musician youre really touching the sky here with “The Drifter”.

Love that acoustic bass, Im really curious to how that was produced, may I ask?

Im of to the rest with eager anticipation.

Im not so much into the “big beats” groove, “drifter” still my favorite. Although I love big beats in movies where the action just starts “flowing”. There are much more complex nuances of it ofcourse as I can hear.

Have you made a demo of this body of work, for promotion? Would be really
nice if you could post something about that enterprise.

Keep it up :)

oy Mike.

First off all thanks, secondly the drifter is a somewhat combined live and renoised song, as the guitar and bass u hear are played live. Some people at queep called it world music, whatever that means. Tho its not really my favourite kind of gender :P

We’ve sent out our fair share of demo’s, however only to the norwegian music scene and the response there was kinda good, tho the record companies were not implemented in the send list, because we had this notion that we could do everything ourselves and “be rich” but that religion has faded. So we’re now in the process of sending out demo’s to as many labels and managements as can be found around the globe. Sent out 10760 mails yesterday to different venues, labels and management and now i got about 700 emails in my inbox. And if 10 of those are positive with an adress(as we put some tunes up for bate in our emails) ill be more than happy. About 3 hours after we sent our emails we got a call from a radio station in los angeles urging us to send them a cd, very nice motivation :P

What i really hope tho is just to land some deal with a relatively good company that wishes to push us forward so we can focus on the music and only that. Tho since i’ve listened myself mad to my own tunes i have a rather sour feeling about the songs and feel they dont match up to what we really want to present(except perhaps when im in a blizz;), so before we send out the demos, i wish just to finish one decent tune, 2 weeks and ill give u an update :)


Very interesting indeed. 10,000 mails :D Chances are very big for you
even statistically even if you delivered mediocre tracks, considering whats
out there. Then again you´re in much better position.

I bet that in the old days, the best way to do get a deal was through a
manager or agent, internet changes all that it seems.

Very interesting to see how the marketing model turns out, if they will download
songs, or consider the mail as spam and moves on to next mail. Maybe some
will consider only posted “real” demo CDs, but hopefully these will notify you
if thats the case so you can make choice to “realpost” or not.

Im looking forward to an update of this.

thanks :P

These are a real eye-opener. I have to side with Mike on The Drifter, it’s excellent.

You know, a track is only as finished as how much time you have :)

yea and to add some, i got a kid aswell :P

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
You don’t really need no feedback man :)
Your music r0cks big times, that’s it :lol:
Actually I stick to “Call the freak” :P but everything works perfectly.
I can’t really find nothing to suggest or to add or to remove

thanks man.

Working on 3 new tracks for the ‘as said’ demo project, a little schedual pushing has moved the outpour of demo’s till this friday. When im done ill fork up some links if your interested.


Sure I am!
Oh… and the live at Kafka “call to arms” is actually rocking my playlist big times :)

:o ?!
Hoy! Congratulations daddy :lol:

Drifter is great!

i feel myself air floating and drifty.

Nice drums, feels like more of them played live (?)
Cool ethnic instrument part at the middle (what instrument? did you play yourself?)
Kinda PinkFloy’dish perception after the halfsong ant to the end.
I like bass sound - hear some electrical background noise, but it’s even adds more realism.

Whole track feels organic and smooth. No boring parts till all 8 minutes!

Great job !

Wow! What’s that ‘2step’ rap ? Is it your side project ?

Sound’s familiar :) Reminds me some of Junkie XL tracks.
Those frenzy compressed version vocals sounds more detailed, but feels like overcompressed. Which compressor u use ? It’s very like those special JXL ‘tight sounding’

Nice rappin’ btw :) Is it you ?

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

oy ceejay!

The drifter is kinda played live, but not entirely, the flutes u hear are samples put together in a mesh, the guitar/bass stuff is played by jakob(we run scum-music together :) and he has been playing guitar all his life). And ur kinda right, its not world music, its organic music :P

2step-rep is our main focus style atm, as we’ve been trying to make decent beats for too many years now. The rapping is however not me, lol, its kool keith, from ultramagnetic mc’s. Only thing i did with it was adding some compression and timestretching it to fit the bpm(as its much slower).

As far as overcompression goes, thats us. I’ve been having some serious problems trying to get the “ultimate” “soundpicture” for a long time now and it has probably led me down some dark alleys recently with adding too much compression. Tho it gets the job done, now its only a matter of getting rid of the overdrive without loosing the edge :P

edit: and for the compressors i use, some are vst’s like waves(c1 and c4) and dbd-dynamics, also got a composer pro by behringer but it kinda only sounds cool in one setting :P

Thanks for feedback man, really appriciate it!

good stuff cyberwax! er du norsk også? :D

takker, og ja, det kan du ta deg faen på at jeg er :P Fra bodø. :(