Some Vstis Are Ignored on Intel Macs?

the presence of the following VSTi is utterly being ignored by the mac version of renoise:
4Front Piano
4Front Bass
4Front ePiano

on IRC, “igotnolegs” confirmed the same issue on his OSX.

You’ll need universal binaries of these VSTs. Seems 4Front only offers old PPC versions of these plugs…

So many people are running into this trap, seems we should try to make this more clear. Either in Renoise or in the FAQs or…

so these VSTi only work on a ibm/motorola-driven MAC with RISC CPU?
bummer… is there any way to identify the respective plugins as such after downloading/installing?

absolutely. if possible maybe even directly in the Preferences / VST view where the directories can be set.

Usually the plugin developers state wether a plugin is PPC only or they have a universal binary.
But if the sites are abandoned you can guess they are PPC if the date is approximately older than 2005.

The faq’s have been updated as well as the disclaimer paragraphs in the vst instrument and effect plugin sections have been expanded.

It is the best place…
How many hits on the full zipped documentation by the way?
It might be folks rather read the off-line edition.
(which is not updated yet)