Some Vstis Stop When Saving A Song


here is what I have encountered:
Often when I save my song in ReNoise while it is playing, my pads or a specific instrument suddenly stops playing, until it gets the next note-on. After a while I found out that it only affects VSTis, and not all of the ones I have show that problem, but many.

There are some VSTis that it always happens with:
MDA ePiano

And some with which there is never a problem:
Zebra 2
Ohmforce Symptohm PE

So while this doesn’t seem to be strictly a ReNoise bug (and I believe it hasn’t only started with 2.5) but a bug that only happens when there is also something wrong with the VSTi, I still think that there has to be something happening in ReNoise which only occurs on save, and which could be avoided. The problem is 100% reproduceable with the above mentioned VSTis. Most of them are free.

Steps to encounter the bug:

  1. use any of the above VSTis to make a sound with a long decay.
  2. save the song while that sound is playing
  3. the sound stops until the next note gets played

Hope there is a solution to this problem
– lasty

Yes, plugins are stopped when saving a song - we have to save the whole bank not just the current preset, also plugins decide on their own what else needs to be done when saving them.

But is this really a problem? Does this cause any major flaws, bugs whatever? Or is this just an observation?

I didn’t realize that was expected behavior.
No flaws or bugs caused by it, it’s only a bit annoying since my habit has always been to save while listening. I change something, listen if it’s good, then save while it’s playing. If there is no way for you to change it though, nevermind.

One thing: What are the devs of the VSTis where it doesn’t happen doing differently? Maybe it would be something I could suggest to the devs in whose VSTis it does happen.

– lasty