Somebody. Make A Renoise Forum App For Smartphones.

If the title didn’t explain.

I think it would be great if somebody were to make a smartphone application for using the Renoise forums so that I could easily do what I am doing right now on my phone a little bit easier, posting a topic on this forum that is of course.

A quick Google search immediately turned up several interesting results:

An iPhone app from the IP.Board developers themselves:

I didn’t dig around too much, but it looks like it’s iPhone only, which is a bit of a pity.

Also, there’s an IP.Board skin specially designed for mobiles, which strips away a lot of the unnecessary clutter:

The skin seems to require IP.Board 3.1, while this forum is currently only running on IP.Board 3.0.5, so an upgrade may be necessary here.

nice idea. i’d like that. i have attempted to use the forum on my smartphone but it sucks ass, so i quit and only go on the forums when i’m at a regular computer.
on the other hand, maybe that’s for the best. i don’t really need to spend any more time around here :)