I took the bate, now you can reel in this midfi version :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this live? Or just a casio sampled? Did you make the samples?

Alas my old Casio keyboard (can’t remember the model number now) will no longer power on, don’t know how to fix it. I found these samples somewhere, don’t remember where, a while back after giving up on fixing the keyboard. I didn’t make the samples, just found them on the internet somewhere.

Those keyboards may be possible to fix quite easily, the switches and pots are usually the parts that needs replacements in my experience. Probably the power button if it won’t power on at all, the plastic goes brittle and breaks with tear and age i guess. I only worked on toy keyboards like PT-1.

Maybe I’ll try to disassemble it and post some pictures. I don’t really know anything about electronics, but I held on to the keyboard because I felt like it could be repaired one day.

edit: I think this is what I have, if not it’s similar enough to be its twin:

Looks very similar to my Hohner PK80, which i’ve circuit bended. It’s not as good for circuit bending and tricky to fix unless the problem is a faulty switch or a pot slider.

If you haven’t tried with another power supply or batteries i would have started there

I haven’t tried batteries, but i have tried a different power supply. I’ll give batteries a shot.

Mine is the same model but looks a little bit different. I took a picture of it. Ordered some batteries on Amazon, we’ll see in 2 days.