Somehow I Know (What A Day) Feat.mhyst (Shorty Cut Ver.1.0)

Sound quality isnt so good but for me it does not matter. I always have troubles to get everything connected so it is hole :slight_smile: Enjoy

Hey, I like your instrumental melodic part quite a lot. Only the drums in my opinion could be improved a lot. 909 open hi is strictly forbidden in 2014 :). Or do heavy filter on it. The drums could benefit from some compression. And a bass is missing :)Oh edit: Now I can actually hear a bass.

Yeah … thanks for that… i lack so much what comes about “mastering” the songs… i have always troubles “balance” everything. I have many many compressors allmost every channel… i just afraid that if i over compress the sound quality hurts …

PS. 909 never too old :wink: I may post new versions and try few things … thanks again

PS. 909 never too old :wink: