Someone Mentioned Avant Gaze

most likely my last renoise 2.7.2 track before I start using 2.8
file under ambient breakbeat minimalist avante gaze

Nice density. Oceanic density. The same chord prog over and over had me a little tired of it in places, so I guess that’s one of the risks in minimalist structure. Melodies are beautiful.

thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts mmd! i like how the melodies turned out too. the guitars in second half of the track were all done on my takamine acoustic with a dean markley sound hole pickup attached. found a lovely guitar rig 5 setting and made a very liberal use of 0B00 for the guitar samples i recorded X)

Starts off intense right from the start, good subbass & beat combo, little bit too cluttered for me, maybe cut away or gradually silence some sounds once in a while, like that never-ending pad to give all the other sounds more space? I think all the elements are there, just need to play around more with the arrangement…or not :slight_smile: cheers.

Thanks for listening and the advice Jonas! Sometimes I do get overzealous and come to the point of cluttering up a mix, God willing I’ll keep this in mind!

this has a very nice feel to it, so i understand that you just want keep that going, but jonas does have a point! maybe it would be better to build up towards the pads and try to build in a breakdown as a challenge :)