Something About Line-in Recording ...

to make it short …

i’m getting some experience with line-in recording, got a e-bass pluged into renoise. it kicks ass, everything is smooth, dmx 6fire low latency asio, high quality and what not. there are just two things slowing down the process of recording directly within renoise.

as always, maybe there is a way already and im just to blind stupid to get it ;) so correct me please …

  • sample record button is placed at sample editor. so, playback and record with pattern view on screen is no possible (to me) but would help alot.

  • recorded sample start + end sync with patterns is awesome, but sliceing the final sample is pain in the arse when you dont get the sample along … like … 2 or 4 patterns, you know, to get the sample offset command work right.

what would be even more ass kicking is when renoise would automaticly scatter the record sample in … like defined “64 steps” slices onto instrument subsamples. assigning the rootkey to the basenote by renoise would be heaven :)

what you think?


having a ‘record audio’ on the pattern screen would help me too - also how about a ‘click count in’ thing if one doesn’t already exist - i truly believe that better audio features should be the major focus of renoise v.2 (along with a beatslicer of course!)


Why not use the metronome for that? (unless you record Renoise Output as well if you have the ability to loopback your wave out to your wave in)

i use the metronome but as far as i have found the only way to record whilst playing back is to click ‘start’ record and press spacebar at the same time a pattern before actually playing anything to have any count in at all -

i think it would be better to be able to position the play/record head where you need to record and press one button to and have a 4 bar (adjustable of course) click intro to get ready to rock out

not sure if i got you right … but isn’t this “Sync start & stop” -> Pattern thingy what would help you with that ?

back to the record button, see-what-you-hear is way better than a freaking huge red rectangle ;)

so - if i put a pattern on loop and hit record with this method nothing will be recorded until the pattern starts again? if thats right then thanks -

i have tried looking in the manual before anyone starts! it’s just not that easy to find eveything yr looking for in the midst of an artistic breakdown!

…or a f****ing huge red rectangle

yep, got ya! … my idea was basicly … if we can start + stop a sample record at some specific line, can we split recorded sample while recording … every “specific” line ?

would love to stay with the red rectangle for that feature :P