Something Completely Different

so… here i am trying out a new direction

this is intended to be some sort of modern ‘art’ music, although i don’t know if it really lives up to that.

all sounds are made from samples of piano and electric guitar, although both have obviously been heavily processed.

enjoy… and let me know what you think of it :) (WRONG LINK)


I think the atmosphere in this is great, but the ringmod-esque atonal melodies seem to be just thrown on…
I’d recomend screwing around with some filters automation on them…massively cutting their mids, boosting subs, changing it round, panning it…IMO they should never be too loud. Always barely audible under the swell.
I think its the fact that they are dry that makes them stand out too…
In the end, when you stab that chord, try playing with some rhythmic delay on that…i dunno, something a little more composed. They should have a lickle reverb on them, just to wet the edges…NAM SAYING!

holy crap
I posted the wrong friggin link
this thing that you heard here is and old version of an old project!

THIS is what you were supposed to hear!

this ones cool B) is that a sega sample in there?

no sega… but i thought that too… all samples are made from electric guitar or piano

have you been at your chemistry set again young man? B)

very clever - especially since there were only guitar and pin-an-oh samples used.
any special plug-ins or anything?

(sorry I keep asking that on all my blinkin’ posts but I’m a curious bastard)


I used this effect a little bit… but other than that it is just renoise internal effects and pattern commands