Something I Was Working On Tonight

I’ve been in a bit of a writer’s block, but I seem to be getting out of it :)

I wanted to finish this tonight (well, this morning now) but I’m just so tired I’m ready to crash, so I just wanted to share what I’ve got done so far on this song…

wlcm bck!
i like it. except the bass-pattern, dont like the sound and melody.
but drums and background fits together nicely.
i would suggest some drum- variation with some drops and breaks to build a road for the bass.
thanks for sharing and happy rnsing.

The song is updated. A note in the bassline has been fixed, and more parts have been added. I never got to bed LOL, I was too amped about working on a new song.

the end part is very intense. i like it. just a small addition:
add a bit of delay/verb at 5:05

It sounds like you have sampled me in there! There’s a screetchy sound there that sounds like a sound I made in a sixdark demo. I funny thing is, I don’t remember ever giving it to you or making it public. Please tell me you haven’t sampled me or my evil twin?

Cool :)

The screetchy sound was, at one time, a heavily vibratoed saxophone sample that usually continued on to make a little melody–I clipped it off before it got to the melody and made it ping-pong loop, then added a sustain onto it and a whole bunch of effects.

Phew, then indeed your sound just happens to sound like a sound I made! Carry on good sir! ;)

The song strongly develops. Whereas the beginning sounds a little bit thin, the time when the vocals fade in the song grows.
The beat is too harmless, no kick and pressure. The atmosphere, bass and vocals are really cool. Where are the vocals from?

Vocals are me.

Kick and pressure–I’ll look into that. I don’t fully know what that means…

Thanks for the input :)