Something Really Cosmetic

press virtual piano key (pc-keyboard), change octave, release key: quiet. works.
press virtual piano key (pc-keyboard), change basenote, release key: voice stays, wrong key with note off msg(?)…need panic button…

It’s an old one… the note-off on that key was not received in that occasion.
It’s part of the note-system where you would enter a C-4 note in one subcolumn and a F-4 in the other yet the note-off is written only under the F-4 note.

It also happens if you change octave while playing a note.
Inheritance from other trackers as well as i’ve seen this quirk in many other predecessor-trackers well.
So i guess fixing this would probably break something very crucial in the other part else this baby would not have been inherited by several generations of trackers…

something like on_change_basenote: for each active note: note.key += change_diff
if it works with pc-keyboard and octave changes, isn’t that a proof
non-renoise devs are lazy…